Omnivore, the 8-bit Binary Editor

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Omnivore is a cross-platform app for modern hardware (running Linux, OS X and Windows) to operate on executables or disk images of Atari 8-bit and Apple ][ machines.

Thanks to Kevin Savetz of the ANTIC Podcast and Wade of the Inverse ATASCII Podcast for early testing and feedback.

You can see the project on github. It is open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Check out my blog for updates on the development of the code.

The Omnivore User’s Manual is finally available!


Source is available at my github page.

Binaries are available for Windows and OS X, for the latest version visit the downloads page.

It is a 32-bit application on Windows (which also works on 64-bit systems), and on Mac it is 64-bit, Intel architecture only.

Linux users can install python 2.7, wxPython, and then use pip:

pip install numpy
pip install omnivore


The manual is available here online or browseable from within the application using the Help -> User Guide menu item. The documentation is still a work in progress, but summaries of most commands are available.


  • Opens Atari 8-bit disk images in .ATR and .XFD format (single, double, and enhanced densities)

  • Opens Apple ][ disk images in 140K .DSK format

  • Opens .XEX executable images

  • Understands Atari DOS, SpartaDOS, KBoot, and Apple DOS 3.3 formats for viewing and extracting files

  • Save data in same format

  • Edit entire disk image or in logical segments

  • Unlimited undo/redo

  • Copy/paste

  • Built-in support for default Atari and Apple ][ character sets

  • Custom character set support

  • Custom color definition or default NTSC or PAL colors

  • Multiple views of the same data in different windows; changes are reflected in all windows

Hex Editor

  • Displays data in multiple forms: hex, binary, character graphics, disassembly

  • Select regions and copy/paste

  • Multiple selection: operate on multiple selected regions as if it were a contiguous block of data

  • Smart search that matches in hex grid, character map, or disassembly comments

  • Highlights all matches, move forward and backward among them

  • Operate on hex data in selected regions (logical functions, shift/rotate, set/clear, arithmetic functions)

  • Edit hex data right in the hex grid

  • Character map supports all ANTIC text character modes, Apple ][ normal (blinking!) text, Apple //e mouse text

  • Character map may display either ATASCII or internal ANTIC format

  • Edit character data right in the character map window

  • Multiple CPU support for disassembler: 6502, 65c02, 65816, Z80, and many other 8-bit CPUs

  • Miniassembler for all supported CPUs allowing you to change the assembly code without needing a 6502 reference card

  • Multiple memory map support; currently provides Atari 8-bit or Atari 5200

  • Data/code region support for disassembler to show byte data in known data regions

  • ANTIC display list disassembly

  • Add comments to locations or regions for note-taking while reverse engineering

  • Show differences to a baseline version

Jumpman Level Editor

  • Edit levels in the Atari 8-bit version of Jumpman

  • Full GUI, point-and-click on objects

  • Built-in MAC/65-compatible assembler for enhancing levels with custom code

  • Cut/Copy/Paste

  • Full undo

  • Set trigger actions

  • Edit the creation/removal of construction elements on collection triggers

  • Edit level settings

Map Editor

  • Edit arbitrarily wide images

  • Rectangular copy/paste

  • Select drawing character (“ink”) from character set palette

  • Draw freehand

  • Draw lines

  • Draw rectangle

  • Draw filled rectangles

  • Copy between different maps


  • save in different formats

  • add a character set editor

  • add a player/missile graphics editor

  • support editing MAME ROMs (including other 8-bit processors like the Z80. Long term, maybe even 16-bit processors like the 68000)

  • support disk images for other 8-bit machines like the C64 and Apple ][

Similar Tools


Other Platforms

  • CBM Program Studio a Windows-only IDE for C64 development that has nice character and sprite editors.

  • C64 Studio, another Windows-only IDE/multi-editor