Omnivore XL 1.0rc6 User’s Guide

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Omnivore is a cross-platform app for modern hardware (running Linux, OS X and Windows) to operate on executables or disk images of Atari 8-bit and Apple ][ machines.

It is designed for reverse engineering, to understand code for which the source has been lost. It was the tool than Kevin Savetz and I used to reverse engineer the Atari 8-bit version of Jumpman. We understand the source almost completely now, and through this I was able to add a full graphical level editor.


Thanks to Kevin Savetz of the ANTIC and Eaten by a Grue podcasts, and Wade of the Inverse ATASCII and 1632 Atari PodcaST podcasts for early testing and feedback. Using Omnivore’s map editor, Wade created the first new map for the classic game Getaway!, and a Getaway! level design template (and tester executable) is included with Omnivore.